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Aydarkul Lake adventures

   Join our Aydarkul Lake tour to experience a unique natural wonder – a lake in the desert!

 Aydarkul Lake is located on the driest territory of Uzbekistan, among the sands of Kyzyl-Kum desert. How   could a lake appear in the middle of the desert? The lake emerged during the accidental natural   processes when the waters of Sirdarya River and Chardarya reservoir burst out its banks in 1969 and   filled the desert lowlands. The length of Aydarkul Lake is 250 km.



   You will be inspired with the beauty of nature around the lake. You will enjoy the speciousness of the   desert and mirror-alike surfaces of the water; you will also have some fishing activities in Aydarkul Lake.   This is one of the most beloved adventure holiday spots among Uzbekistan visitors. During the warm   periods, you can enjoy the sandy beach and swim in the salty waters of the lake.



 Aydarkul Lake is the real desert gem fascinating its guests with its natural landscapes and wildlife. In the early spring and autumn you have a chance watch a large amount of birds flying over during their transmigration; you will enjoy the overnight stay in yurt camps near the lake, and feel yourself as a nomad in the desert, as well as beautiful starts by the fire with live music.


Other activities that you can do when visiting Aydarkul Lake:

- Sleeping in nomad yurt camps in the middle of the desert

- Fishing at Aydarkul Lake

- Camel riding activity

- Visit ancient cities of Uzbekistan: Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva

1 day Train (Afrosiyab) to the Bukhara tour
2 day By car to Aydarkul lake, Kizilkum desert tour ( 2dy/1n)
3 day From Kizilkum desert to Samarkand (Samarkand Tour)
4 day Samarkand Tour (Samarkand - Tashkent arrive by train Afrasiyab)
5 day Tour in Tashkent City 


1 d

Tour in Khiva (arrive to Khiva by air)
2 d from Khiva to Bukhara (by car or minibus) tour in Bukhara
3 d From Bukhara to Aydarkul lake (by car or minibus) 
4 d Aydarkul-Samarkand (by car or minibus) 
5 d Tour in Samarkand  (Samarkand-Tashkent by train)
6 d Last day: Tashkent city tour


  GIT          TWN/DBL
30-35 PAX + 1 FOC 813
25-29 PAX + 1 FOC 854
20-24 PAX + 1 FOC 896
15-19 PAX + 1 FOC 959
SGL Suppl. +120



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